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Hey there guys! So first things first- Belated Happy New year to you all! And what better way to celebrate the season of new beginnings than to have a new contest brought to you by one of are affiliates. :icondance-russiaplz:

So this contest is brought to you by :iconanimemangabefore2000: . The general core of this contest is you do an art for either the themes: "Dream, Nightmare, or Illusion" or "Something to Remember". Keep in mind that your work must contain any character from a video game, anime or manga; so basically, OCs are not allowed from the contest. Mature contents are allowed, but that is very much discouraged by the judges of the contests, so think first before you do those for the contest :3. Great part about this contest is that there is no limit on the entry; you could submit as many as you like :iconcaramelldansenplz:.

So to know more about the themes of the contest and view the whole mechanics, visit the link provided:

for further questions, you could either comment it in the journal of the group or note the said group hosting the contest.

Good luck for those who are going to participate, and I wish you all the best.

Again, this is porings giving you updates from our friends and affiliates...signing off

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