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Hi everyone! I'm Megan, but I guess you can call me Bunny. I usually go by that. Anyway, I'm one of the new admins here-I'm so super excited to be here, and be able to help this wonderful group. Today I'm just going to make a little blog about how to deal with criticism. Especially as artists, we all get it. So, I'll try and help. ♥

1. Listen up. Figure out whether the criticism is constructive or simply rude. If criticism could be helpful, lend all ears and try to learn from it instead of getting defensive.

2. Respond calmly. Be respectful no matter what, and thank someone if the feedback is useful. If the critique is uncalled for (that story you wrote was crap!), kill 'em with kindness. A simple smile makes you the bigger person.

3. Don’t take it personally. Try to remove yourself from the situation and focus on what’s being critiqued.

4. Keep on keepin' on. Remember that the criticism represents just one person’s point of view. Know what your strengths are and don’t let other people’s opinions keep you from working hard towards a goal. If somebody says you’re too short to be a power forward, start working on that jump shot!

Well, that's all I really have for you guys today. Hope I'm a help and everyone has a good day!

-bunny ♥

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