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UPDATE: Art submitted to the WRONG FOLDER will be declined (or expire). If your submissions are not accepted instantly, you submitted to the wrong folder! Please withdraw your artwork and submit again to the correct folder.

Hello! :)

As you may have noticed, this group has a "Wrong folder" to which you submit per default. (Why is this? Because it would be even harder to sort through if, say, every wrong submission would go to photography per default.) This folder is almost full right now, even though I clear it out from time to time.

Submitting to the wrong folder means more work for the group admins and it makes you look bad, because it looks as if you don't care about your art and the people who will see it, i. e. the members of this group.

I know there are some of you who might not know how to submit to the correct folders, but there's an abundance of tutorials about that on dA, have a look:
How to Submit to a Group by Nessarie How to Submit to Group Folders by LostKitten How to Submit to a Group by Anjellyjoy Groups - how to submit or fav by SanIakob How to Submit Old Deviations by LostKitten

Among the submissions to the wrong folder, there are some really great pieces. So please, if you spent many hours making an artwork, take the 3 seconds required to submit it to the correct folder to show that you value your art and respect this group and its rules.

Also, in order to reduce the submissions to the wrong folder, I've restricted the number of artworks you can submit to the wrong folder to 1 per month (for the rest of the gallery, it's still 3 per day).

That's all, thank you for reading. Have a nice day! :wave:

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